Kyushu Shochu-kan

It is right in front of a large parking lot of the Beppu Ropeway. Kyushu Shochukan has over 500 kinds of labels, ranging from famous and popular ones in Kyushu to rare ones such as brown sugar Shochu and Awamori.

Kyushu Shochu-kan
Kyushu Shochu-kan
Kyushu Shochu-kan

Limited edition shochu (distilled spirits)

barley shochu 'NITO NANA'

On 30th of September 2006, Beppu Ropeway's original wheat Shochu started its sale!

NITO NANA" was created jointly by well-known brewery in Kusu Oita, "Yatsushika" and Beppu Ropeway Kyushu Shochukan which was founded in 1864 and sells over 500 different kinds of alcoholic beverages and many other drinks from all over Kyushu Island including Iki, Amami, and Okinawa.
A masterpiece of Shochu, created by passions of the maker and seller.
An authentic Shochu "Nito Nana" has 27 degrees of alcohol and made from carefully selected barley and spring water originated from the highest mountain in Kyushu, Kujyu mountain range.
27 degrees of alcohol is used in its name "Nito Nana". This high degree of alcohol brings forward its original Umami and sweet aroma that can be tasted only with this unique Shochu!
This barley Shochu is prepared using vacuum distillation, making it light and easy to drink. We recommend you to have it on the rocks, or with hot or cold water!
Labels on bottles are put by hand one by one by the producer.
”NITO NANA" is a Shochu sold only at Kyushu Shochukan at Beppu Ropeway. Hope you will try!

sweet potato shochu 'BENI TSURUMI'

On 28th of March 2009, an exclusive Shochu made for Beppu ropeway station started its sale!
On 1st of August 2009, "BENI TSURUMI" in 1.8 liter bottles started its sale.

"BENI TSURUMI" was created during a joint project between a prestige Sake brewery, "Hisaya'' from Usuki city and the Kyushu Shochukan which sells more than 500 kinds of Shochu from all over Kyushu!
A masterpiece of Shochu with the makers’ tremendous passion to bring you the best!
“BENI TSURUMI” is a Shochu made only from “Beni Haruka” also known as “Kanta-kun”, sweet potatoes with very high sugar content and harvested in local city of Usuki, Oita prefecture.
A traditional "Atmospheric distillation" brings out the fragrance, and "Rough filtration" draws out the sweetness and Umami from ingredient, sweet potatoes. And by controlling the alcohol content to 30 degrees, it was made possible to have a rich and mellow finish. A must-have for those who is especially interested in Shochu!
We recommend you to drink either straight or on the rocks to enjoy its 30 degrees alcohol. Needless to say, you can also have it with hot or cold water. Relish this unique flavour of Shochu made of potatoes!
Try out “BENI TSURUMI" sold exclusively in the Kyushu Shochukan.