About ropeway

The largest cable car in Kyushu with a maximum riding capacity of 101 passengers.

The Tsurumi line
The Yufu line

Kyushu's largest 101-seater gondola operates on a steep slope with a height difference of about 800 meters and track length of 1,816 meters in about 10 minutes.

Ropeway overview

Overview illust

Beppu Kogen Station and surroundings

Beppu Kogen Station

Please take the ropeway from Beppu Kogen station at an altitude of 500 meters.
There is a variety of souvenirs at the Kogen Store, right next to the ticket counter!
The Tsurumidake Nature Park “Shiki no Sato” located beside the Beppu Kogen Station, is a famous spot for cherry blossoms and autumn leaves.

  • Ticket counter and ticket gate
  • Kogen store
  • The Tsurumidake Nature Park “Shiki no Sato”

Tsurumi Sanjo Station and surroundings

Tsurumi Sanjo Station

Tsurumi Sanjo Station is located at an altitude of 1300 meters. In front of the station there is Tsurumi Sanjo Gongen Shrine - Main shrine.
Why not enjoy the pilgrimage of "Seven lucky gods" enshrined along the path on the top of mountain.

  • Sanjo store
  • Visiting the "Seven Lucky Gods"
  • Viewing Kuju mountain range from Tsurumi Sanjo Station
  • Tsurumi Sanjo Gongen - Main Shrine
  • Sanjo Gongen Wakudo Ishi
  • Entrance to the path on the summit

Kyushu Shochu-Kan

Kyushu Shochu-Kan

Kyushu Shochu-Kan is right in front of a large parking lot of the Beppu Ropeway.
There are over 500 kinds of Shochu, including rare varieties such as barley or sweet potato Shochu, brown sugar Shochu from Amami Island, and Ryuku Awamori, all gathered from every corner of Kyushu including Iki, Amami and Okinawa area!
We also have selection of wine and other spirits popular especially among female customers!
You can also enjoy Onta -Yaki ceramics that is a designated important intangible cultural asset, and specially products such as "Hita geta (wooden sandals)" are on display for sale in the store.
Please drop by for our wide selection of souvenirs from Beppu and Yufuin.



Stairlift (Installed at Kogen station and Sanjo station)

Capacity 1 person Length 1,200*Width 800 Loading up to 180kg
You can go up and down the stairs connecting the ticket gate and the ropeway platform while you are in a wheelchair.
There is no step between the gondola and the ropeway platform, and inside of the gondola is flat, so you can rest assured.
For people with disabilities, there are two multipurpose parking lots in front of Beppu Kogen station.
A multipurpose restroom (ostomate) is available at Kogen station.

Mt. Tsurumi Sanjo Station and surroundings map

Mt. Tsurumi Sanjo Station and surroundings map
Visiting the "Seven Lucky Gods"

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Visiting the Pligrimage sites

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No.1 Mt. Tsurumi Sanjo Gongen - Main Shrine
No.2 Teashikoujin
No3. Gankake fudou
No4. Migawari fudou
No.5 En-no Gyoja Son
No.6 Soutai Sekibutsu
No.7 Nouten Hakuryu
No.8 Mt. Tsurumi Sanjo Gongen
No.9 Teashi koujin
No.10 Meotoiwa Rock
No.11 Fuuketsu Kannon
No.12 Honoo Honome shrine Jouguu
Observation deck

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Observation deck 1
Observation deck 2
Observation deck 3