Events Information

About annual events on Mt. Tsurumi

April to June
  • "Shiki no sato" park, located at the foot of the mountain
    Over 2,000 cherry blossoms to view
    Early to mid-April
  • Beppu to Mt. Tsurumi
    climbing tournament
    The second Sunday of April
  • Mountain cherry blossoms front
    From mid-April to early May, the front line of mountain cherry blossoms climbs from the foot of the mountain to the summit in about one month.
  • Admire the bean cherry blossoms (Mamezakura) at the top of Mt. Tsurumi.
    Late April
  • Admire the rhododendron
    Mid-May to early June
July to September
  • Night operation
    Please inquire about the details.
  • Tsurumi Mountain Peak Festival
    Sunday in the late July every year
October to December
  • Admire the autumn leaves
    Mid-October to Late November
  • Admire the winter cherry blossoms and Jugatsu zakura ( October cherry blossoms )
    October to December
January to March
  • Admire the Hoarfrost
    Early December to Mid-March
  • Operation for the New year’s sunrise
    In the morning on the first day of the year
  • New year's visit to a shrine
    New year's day
  • Mt. Tsurumi the winter cold challenge on the coldest day
    Sunday in the late January