The panoramic view from Mt. Tsurumi
and seasonal beauty

The largest Ropeway in Kyushu with a maximum riding capacity of 101 passengers takes you through the 10 minutes journey to 1300 maters above sea level.
Enjoy the magnificent panorama from the top and the beautiful nature and scenery of each season!


In service ※Ropeway operation may be stopped due to weather conditions.
Somewhat bad
Winter cherry blossoms foot of mountain
Hoarfrost on the top of mountain area

Seasonal delights

In winter, the view from the top of Mt. Tsurumi becomes even more impressive!
From early December to mid-March when meteorological conditions of temperature and wind are met, hoarfrost, very rare in Kyushu, covers the entire mountain slope.
The annual "Tsurumidake Wintery Endurance Tournament" is held during the coldest time in January, attracting many visitors.

Kyushu Shochu-Kan

Kyushu Shochukan is right in front of a large parking lot of the Beppu Ropeway station, offering over 500 brands of Shochu from all over Kyushu Island (including Iki, Amami & Okinawa), sake, wine and other spirits.
The place is worth a visit not only for those who like to drink but also for non-drinkers, with its wide selection of perfect souvenirs!